Scss/Sass Folder Structure

The following is how I set up my Sass folders for my projects. This is a jumping off point for new projects, so I am at liberty to add or remove Sass files as I see fit. By no means is it an end-all solution, but I find it works well to get going quickly. I feel like there is definitely room for improvement, so please feel free to chime in with suggestions!

The Structure

Inside of my main /sass/ folder lives:

  • home.scss
  • style.scss
  • sub.scss
  • partials/

The three .scss files are what get compiled to CSS and subsequently what I link to in my HTML. Their contents are simply @import statements of Sass partials, which is where most of the files I use live. I really like breaking things into logical chunks; for instance, I know if I have to edit navigation in the header, I simply go to the header navigation partial and edit. Having things in modular pieces keeps things organized and has less of a chance for files to get overly cluttered.


The /partials folder looks like this:

  • home/
    • _content.scss: Content that is unique to the home page.
  • sub/
    • _content.scss: Content that is unique to the sub pages.
  • _content.scss: Any content areas that will are consistent throughout the entire site.
  • _extends.scss: Holds any @extend that I might be using. Typically I utilize this by adding fonts to a silent class, like %OpenSans.
  • _footer.scss: Styles for the footer.
  • _global.scss: Contains things like global box sizing, standard link :hover & :focus styles, etc.
  • _header.scss: Styles for the header.
  • _header_navigation.scss: Styles for header navigation. This gets imported inside of _header.scss.
  • _mixins.scss: Mixins that I have gleaned or written.
  • _variables.scss: Colors, breakpoint sizes, and Susy grid configurations are all things you can find here. That’s pretty much it. Again, this is just my starting point. I usually end up with a few more partials, such as a _home_slider.scss, _forms.scss or _print.scss.

A Word of Caution

Like most things, I’ve found that moderation is key. Over-fragmenting (is that a thing?) my partial files usually causes headaches down the road, especially when coming back to a project to make changes. For example, I was previously creating a _layout.scss partial and putting widths, floats, borders, etc. on elements (such as the header).

Since _layout.scss was intended strictly for building the structure of the page, I felt “dirty” putting decoration styles in the same location, so I had to create a _header.scss partial. Then I would have to reference header { ... } multiple times in multiple files and keep track of where I put certain styles (when do I consider a border layout vs. decoration?). I’ve found it easier and faster to put everything dealing with the header (layout, typography, decoration, etc) into one partial.